Following a dream.

SSBBQ-LOGO-HRWhile you are working, have you ever day dreamed about owning your own business? Well for years I always had the thought that “one day” I’d take the plunge but of course life just got busy and the timing never felt “right”. Well, the universe seemed to take matters into its own hands last year and gave me the time to actually give the dream a serious consideration.

I know there has been quite the bit of time between blog posts but there has been good reason. South Street BBQ is coming to fruition and it has been my sole (soul?) focus for the past few months.

Between finding a suitable location to outfitting the trailer to navigating the pathways of permits and subcontractors to developing the menu to figuring out social media, my days have been full. I am going to be documenting the adventure in a blog format but have migrated everything over to our new website ( – which will be fully live any day now…I just need to actually carve out some time to produce some copy that makes sense) and new blog posts will be placed there instead of having two accounts. I figure it would make it a wee bit less confusing (and time consuming on my end).

You can also follow me on Twitter (@southstreetbbq) and on Facebook (South Street BBQ) and on Instagram (@southstreetbbq) for all the insights and photos of what should be a very exciting summer. I hope you will join me on this ride.

Sorry to be melodramatic but this will be our final blog post here on Earth, Meat & Fire…..but fear not…the title has become a hashtag so when you are out in cyberland, just search with #earthmeatfire and it will lead you to all things South Street BBQ.

Thanks and smoke on! 🙂



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