Stumps Open DoorHi there, my name is Gavin and I live on 73 acres with my wonderful and supportive spouse in the small rural community of Warsaw, Ontario.

My background has been in North American corporate sales for over 17 years and due to a recent downsizing where my job was eliminated, I’ve decided to slow down and really take a serious look at where the second half of my working life should go.

Food has always been a passion and during my business travels, I’ve enjoyed many a roadside BBQ shack. So in between searching for a job, I’m also taking advantage of this newly found extra time to explore it a little more closely and make it at home!

I started this blog to document the ups and downs of losing a job plus being at a crossroads at the ripe age of 41. What you will find here are my thoughts along the way as I deal with life’s changes plus the interesting tidbits that I have learned about southern BBQ.

You may wonder how does BBQ have any correlation with life lessons? Well, as with anything in life: “Good barbecue comes from experience, and experience, well, that comes from poor barbecue” – Cousin Woodman. 🙂

I thank you for coming along for the ride with me,



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